Blink Security Camera Installation Service

Here at Suncoast Installs, we are the Blink security camera installation service of choice for West Florida. There are many benefits that come with having the Blink security camera installed in your home and today we want to tell you about just a few of them so that you can decide whether the Blink is the right home security camera system for you.

Blink Security Camera Installer

Benefits of Having the Blink Security Camera System Installed in Your Home

As the provider of Blink security camera installation service in West Florida, our technicians here at Suncoast Installsare familiar with many of the benefits that come with this particular security camera system. Some of these benefits include:


The Blink Security Camera System is an affordable camera system for home security. If you are considering having a security camera system installed but the price point of other security camera systems are turning you off the idea, take a look at the Blink camera system, it’s a much more affordable option and great value for money.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Unlike some of the other home security camera systems on the market today, the Blink system features native integration with Amazon Alexa. This means that you can connect your Blink camera systems with your Alexa-enabled device and use voice commands at home to access various features.

IFTTT Integration

In addition to Amazon Alexa integration, the Blink camera security system also integrates with IFTTT. This means that you can build bridges between apps and smart devices that include the use of your Blink camera system. For example, you can set up a command to text your phone when a specific camera detects motion. This creates a much more flexible and customizable home security solution.

No Contracts

Another great benefit to the Blink home security camera system is that it comes with no contracts. Where other home security systems require you to sign up for a year or three of monthly payments in order for your system to function, Blink does not. Once you purchase the hardware, you can utilize that hardware without having to fork over monthly payments.

Affordable Premium Home Security Plans

While there is a no-fee option for Blink home security camera users, there is also a premium service that allows you to better secure your home. Where this premium service would come with an excruciating price tag with some of Blink’s competitors, Blink makes their premium security service much more affordable. They even offer two tiers of premium service so if the top tier package doesn’t suit your needs, you can opt for the second less expensive option.

Do You Need a Blink Security Camera System Installation Service to Help With Your System Install?

If you live in West Florida and have decided on the Blink home security system and you’re looking for someone to provide a Blink security camera system installation service so that you don’t have to worry about completing your own installation, Suncoast Installs can help. Just pick up the phone and give us a call today at 727-480-8358 and we’ll get you set up with an appointment right away!