What are Wireless Speakers and How do they work?

By October 9, 2017TV Installation
wireless speakers

Wireless speakers are a great addition to any home entertainment system. They clean up the general appearance of your entertainment center, allow for a freer range of motion, and make speaker adjustment exceptionally easy. Many homeowners avoid investing in wireless speakers, however, because they are afraid to admit that they don’t know how they work!

What Are Wireless Speakers?

The term “wireless speakers” is simultaneously self-explanatory and a little confusing. Yes, it explains the lack of wires on the wireless speaker system, but the catch-all term offers little more in terms of information.

The truth is, that wireless speakers come in a variety of selections with varied functions. The one thing that all of these systems have in common is that they use wireless communication to broadcast sound.

As mentioned already, however, wireless speakers come in all shapes and sizes. There are wireless speakers that offer a single soundbar, there are systems which feature just two speakers, and there are systems that feature five! As with any audio equipment, the audio range and quality of wireless speaker systems vary too, depending on the manufacturer. It is up to you to decide which variation of wireless speakers is best for you, your room size, and your budget.

How Do Wireless Speakers Work?

While the number of speakers and sound quality of your wireless speakers may differ depending on the system you purchase, all wireless speakers work on the same general premise…

Understanding Traditional Speaker Systems

In the traditional speaker system, electricity is fed to the speaker through wires that attach to the amplifier. By alternating the flow of electricity to the speakers, the electromagnetic poles are then switched influencing the internal speaker mechanism. This results in changing vibrations which we hear as sound.

But What About Wireless Speakers?

Since wireless speakers lack the wires to transport electrical impulses, how is the flow of electricity controlled to create sound vibrations?

Infrared Signals

Some wireless speakers use light just like your TV remote control. Infrared signals are sent from the amplifier to the speaker and the speaker then converts this light into electricity. The resulting vibrations are then controlled by interpreted signals from the infrared sensor. Infrared wireless speakers can be difficult to work with, however, since they need to be in “sight” of the amplifier and can get mixed signals from other household electronics.

Radio Waves

Some other types of wireless speakers use the transmission and reception of radio waves through an antenna like your home WiFi system. These waves are then received and converted to create vibrations. The benefit to radio signals is that the speakers do not have to be in direct “sight” of the amplifier and there is less chance of signal interference.

Choosing a Wireless Speaker System

When it comes to choosing the right wireless speaker system for your setup, if you find yourself stuck, consider asking a professional. Here at Suncoast Installs we have years of experience with wireless speaker systems and are always happy to make recommendations based on your individual setup! As an added bonus, we also have all the know how to set up and program your new wireless surround system to work optimally!

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