4 Flat TV Mounting Brackets and their Differences

By February 5, 2018Mounting
tv mounting brackets

Have you been contemplating TV mounting brackets for your TV but you’re not really sure what type of bracket is right for you? Then you’re in luck, today we are taking a look at the four different flat TV mountng brackets and the differences between them!

The 4 Flat TV Mounting Brackets


A fixed TV mounting bracket fits directly onto the wall and holds your TV in a fixed position. This is a sturdy TV mount option, but it does not allow for you to make adjustments to the position of your TV. This means that you must get the installation process right the first time and not want to tilt the screen or move the direction of the TV.


A tilt TV mount allows for the TV screen to be tiled up or down, but it does not allow for the TV to be pulled away from the wall. A tilt mount also does not allow for you to change the direction of the TV. This means that you need to ensure that your TV mount is in a place where it is viewable from the whole room because you can’t move it later!

Full Motion

A full motion TV mount and an arm or multiple arms that fit between the wall mounting plate and the plate that fits on the back of the TV. A full motion mount allows for you to pull the TV out away from the wall, change the direction of the TV, tilt the TV, and generally move the TV in any direction you please. This is the more preferable type of TV mount for most people, but it is a slightly less sturdy mount than a fixed or tilt only mount.


A ceiling TV mount is designed as a vertical rather than a horizontal mount. The wall mounting plate fixes directly to the ceiling and holds the TV in place. Ceiling TV mounts can be fixed mounts, full motion mounts or tilt mounts.

Need Help Installing Your Flat TV Mounting Brackets?

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