3 Important Things TV Mounting Services Do That Most DIYers Fail to Do During Television Installation

By November 13, 2017TV Installation
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When you hire professional TV mounting services to install your television for you, there are more than a few bonuses that come with the deal.

What do we mean? Well, as experienced installers ourselves, we can tell you that more than a few DIY’ers make mistakes when installing their own TV’s. If they’re lucky, these mistakes lead to a crooked TV. If they’re unlucky, they lead to the television crashing to the floor.

There are more than a few mistakes that DIY’ers make when mounting their televisions, but the following 3 are the most often made mistakes…

3 Things TV Mounting Services Do That Most DIY’ers Don’t

1. Double Check the Stud Finder!

Your stud finder isn’t always as accurate as you think! Most DIY’ers wind up relying¬†completely¬†on their stud finder and once in a while (like many of us!) it gets things wrong! This is especially true if your wall has a textured surface. Here at Suncoast Installs, we ensure that we double check our stud finders every time, even though they’re some of the best on the market! You never can be too sure!

2. Know Your Mounting Brackets

TV mounting services like ours here at Suncoast Installs have plenty of experience with TV mounting brackets. What does that mean? It means that based on the size and weight of your television, we know whether a bracket will support the weight of your TV without pulling out of the wall. Sadly, many DIY’ers think that all TV brackets are created equal and this simply isn’t the case.

3. Know Your Anchors!

All anchors are the same, right? WRONG! Many homeowners try to mount their TV using hollow wall anchors and this leads to far too many TV’s crashing down off the wall! The problem is that hollow wall anchors are not developed to support the weight of a wall mounted TV and when they are used, they simply pull right out of the wall.

Let Us Be Your TV Mounting Service!

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