Florida TV Installation: 6 Common DIY Problems

By May 27, 2019TV Installation
Florida tv installation

As a top Florida TV installation company, here at Suncoast Installs we are often called in to help homeowners after their DIY TV installation jobs go wrong. Today we want to talk with you a little bit about some of the most common DIY problems that homeowners run into when trying their hand at TV installation.

Florida TV Installation: 6 Common DIY Problems

1. Choosing a Poor Location

It may not seem like a big deal when you’re choosing where to mount your new television when you’re doing the job yourself, but choosing the wrong spot can actually cause a lot of trouble. You can experience too much glare on your screen making your mounted television unwatchable, you may choose a location that is too far away from a power source adding a lot more work to the job, you may choose a wall where the studs are too far apart and be reluctant to make any modifications to accommodate that…there is plenty that can go wrong which is why we suggest fully analyzing the location you choose before you get to work!

2. Not Having Electrical Experience and Doing Some Rewiring

Some DIY homeowners get more than a little ambitious when it comes to home DIY projects and this can become a problem…particularly when electricity is involved. If the area where you want to set up your new TV requires some electrical rewiring to run power to it or if you simply want to run wiring behind the walls of your home but you have no electrical experience, please call in a professional. Not only are you risking electrocution by doing the job yourself, but you are also risking contributing to faulty wiring and improperly installed electrical components which can contribute to a life-threatening fire.

3. Not Taking Stock of the Tools Needed For The Job Before Getting to Work!

This is particularly a problem for homeowners who are interested in specialty TV mounting jobs. For example, mounting your TV on a stucco or brick surface requires different tools to mounting your TV on a traditional drywall surface. If you don’t already have these tools on hand, buying them can cost more than hiring a professional Florida TV installation company come in and do the job for you. This is especially true if you have no use for these tools again in the near future.

4. Trying to Mount a Traditional Television Outdoors

Many DIY’ers have seen pictures of luxury homes with televisions wall mounted out on the lanai or by the pool and they decide to attempt this type of installation themselves. This type of installation is tricky as we mentioned above, but it also requires a television and a television mount that is rated for outdoor use. Attempting to mount an indoor television outdoors can cause a whole host of problems including destroying that television for good!

5. Not Having Any DIY Knowledge

Every DIY’er has to start somewhere, but TV installation is not the place to start. If you are a newcomer to DIY work it’s best to start small with a project that doesn’t require working with electricity. Try building a spice rack, installing new window blinds, or painting a room of the house instead. All of these activities will allow you to flex your DIY muscles without putting you, your family, and your neighbors in harm’s way. Installing a TV, however, requires more knowledge of DIY than the average beginning has and it’s not the type of project that most people can afford to go wrong!

6. Naming Yourself an Expert After Watching a YouTube Video

This problem happens more often than you could imagine. While YouTube is a great resource for all kinds of information, it also tends to give people a false sense of wisdom. Watching a YouTube video or five does not make anyone an expert in anything particularly when that thing involves electricity! Plus, very rarely does anyone question the credentials of the person making those YouTube videos and often it turns out to be a case of “the blind leading the blind”. If you’re truly intent on doing a project yourself, attend some workshops or classes or ask a licensed professional to help you understand what you can do to become a more educated DIY’er.f

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