Why Bedroom TV Installation Isn’t the Best Thing For Your Health

By March 4, 2019TV Installation
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Here at Suncoast Installs, bedroom TV installation is something we are asked to complete pretty frequently. While we certainly don’t mine completing bedroom TV installations in Florida homes, we do want to remind you of recent research that says that a TV in the bedroom may not be the best choice for you!

Why Bedroom TV Installation Isn’t the Best Thing for Your Health!

The research isn’t new, but recently there is a larger amount of research that suggests that having a TV installed in your bedroom may not be the best idea. While here at Suncoast we are always happy to meet any of your TV installation needs, we did want to make sure that you were aware of some of the reasons given by current healthcare studies that indicate that TV in the bedroom may not be the best choice.

Better Quality Sleep

Recent scientific research has indicated that when you have a bedroom TV installation, watching television before going to sleep causes disruption to sleep and wake cycles. What does this mean for you? It means that you’re not getting as much restful sleep as you should be during the night so you’re increasingly tired during the day even if you did “sleep” for eight hours!

Less Self Evaluation

Before the times of TV in the bedroom, bedtime was a time to unwind, reflect on the day and evaluate the¬†choices and decisions we made. This offered us a prime opportunity to not only “pack” things away neatly in our brains, but it also to review mistakes that we may have made and how we can better handle them in the future. Now that we have television sets in the bedroom, far fewer of us take the opportunity to reflect and recap our day, instead, we let things pile up which leads to chronic stress and even physical illness!

Our Kids Learn From Our Habits

Lead by example! When we have televisions installed in our bedrooms, we let our kids know that this is okay and encourage them to follow our example. Why is this a bad thing side from poor quality sleep and increased self-evaluation? Because studies have shown that children who have a television installed in bedroom are increasingly likely to score lower on testing. In addition – and equally troubling – children who have televisions in their bedrooms are more likely to be overweight, have difficulty sleeping, and are at higher risk for experimenting with smoking!

Improved Communication Between Couples

Life is busy and one of the few “down times” we get alone with our partner is in the bedroom as we are winding down from the day. When you have a TV installed in the bedroom, you are less likely to use this time to communicate with your partner and more likely to turn on the television and watch TV shows. Choosing not to have a TV in your bedroom, however, gives you more quality time to talk with your partner which will improve the strength of your relationship.

Giving Rooms Back Their Purpose

The different rooms of our houses have individual purposes, for example, we cook in the kitchen, we eat in the dining room, and we sleep or spend intimate time with our partner in the bedroom. When we start to blur those lines and make multi-functional rooms, we create confusion and reduce our efficiency. For example, if we start to use the bedroom as a room where we watch television rather than using it as a room for only bedroom related activities, we confuse our brain’s expectations of the room. Where it used to be that when you went to your bedroom, your brain expected you to go to bed, now it could be that you are going to watch television – an activity that requires more wakefulness than sleepiness. In turn, this makes it harder for your body and brain to automatically start to prepare for sleep when you go to your bedroom.

Try Wall Mounting a TV in Your Living Room Instead!

If you’d like to experiment with the above assertions, try getting your TV wall mounted in your living room and leaving it out of the bedroom for a while to see for yourself!

Still Want Bedroom TV Installation?

If you feel that you are in control of your sleep and wake schedule and still want to go ahead with bedroom TV installation and you live in or around west Florida, Suncoast Installs is here for you! Just pick up the phone and make an appointment with one of our professional TV installation experts today by dialing 727-480-8358!